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Maxim Haartsen
Co-Founder of Tekeya

As a transformational leader in the field of Life Sciences and Precision Medicine, Mr. Haartsen has an over 19 years proven track record as a Commercial Executive in European and Asian Multi-National companies.

Throughout his career he demonstrated successful business performances in different roles with increasing seniority, in the field of Commercial Operations, Marketing and Sales, his latest role, Vice President for Business Development with Konica Minolta Precision Medicine Inc. based out of Tokyo Japan.

Mr. Haartsen is born in Hulst the Netherlands, lived and worked in 5 different countries varying from Europe to the Middle East and Asia. He has a strong passion for creating new businesses, leading people and building highly performing teams across different cultures and changing environments.

He is the co-founder of the start-up company TeKeya, an application created to fight Food Waste in the Middle East, North African Region.

Mr Haartsen holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Life Sciences from the University of Maastricht.